Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Truth About Your Challenges

We seem to know these truths but our hearts somewhat get beclouded in the face of opposition, and we find it difficult to apply them when the battle becomes tough. 
There is no big deal about your challenges. no matter how grievous, it is common to men 1Cor.10:13). If you will widen the scope of your enquiry you will discover that people of God have overcome  more deplorable problems in the past.
i. Your problem is not the worst in  the world ( 1Cor. 10:13b)
ii. Your problem is no big deal to God (Exodus 14:10, 15-16)
iii. The people of God have overcome more terrible challenges in time past (Psalm 107:1-20; 2Cor. 4:8-12; 2Cor.11:23-33)
iv. Whatever you think about the most would becomes the biggest and most compelling influence in your heart, and the most compelling influence in your heart will always control your life (Prov. 23:7)
v. The more you think (worry) and talk to people (throw pity party) about your problem, the bigger it becomes in your heart and you might end up seeing it as bigger than God; how? Once you get to a point where you couldn't believe God's word  for solution, your challnege has become bigger than God in your heart. (Jer. 32:27)
vi. Sympathy (from people) as good as it is,  is not a 'problem solver'; in rare cases, it lightens the burden but most of the times it takes you farther away from faith (Mark 5:35-36)
vii. All things are possible with God (Mark 10:27)
viii. All things are possible to him that believes (Mark 9:23)
ix There is no challenge that the word of God cannot solve ( Isaiah 55:10-11)
x. If you will believe the word of God for solution and remain steadfast in faith IT WILL BE TO YOU ACCORDING TO YOUR FAITH (Romans 4:17-21).