Sunday, October 5, 2014


His back for the whips, so deadly , His  skin could not but give way for the gush of blood.
Never has man been so tortured; - Isaiah 52:14
for Elohim was privy to His affliction - Isaiah 53:10
He was betrayed and denied,  shamefully arrayed, 
despised and defamed without any defense from Him - Isaiah 53:6-7
How could such a strifeless and harmless man be dealt with so maliciously
How could equity be so "dormant" at a time when justice should have spoken loudly
Aaah...! He was sentenced to death by crucifixion
He bled and died with His arms openned wide
The price was paid in full - John 19:30
The demand of divine Justice was fully met - Isaiah 53:11
He died as sinners' substitute - Isaiah 53:12
For His persecutors, being laid behind the stone marked the end  
but for us who were saved  and are being saved,  it was the beginning of our liberty, joy and reign.
His redemptive work changed everything and made the unprecedented difference
He canceled the warrant of our condemnation and nailed it to His cross  Col. 2:14
The one time slaves  of the devil have suddenly become his masters...  Yeeeeeh!!  
The sin-soiled souls have become God's holy vessels!
Though born in and under sin, we have now become the children of God in glory;
transformed into His image, partakers of His nature.
The awesome God has brought man on common ground with Himself  - inconceivable! (Eph. 2:19)
We are no more ordinary, but extraordinary and supernatural
blessed, forgiven, Justified, healed, sanctified, empowered, delivered and glorified.
His work is perfect and irreversible  Ecc. 3:14
The impact and the benefit of His work is limitless and inexhaustible
We don't need more, we have all.
He did the best of His best
He has done soooo much!

Thursday, October 2, 2014


All that Jesus did in Redemption He didnt just do it for me, I was in Him when He did it.
I was crucified with Him - Gal. 2:20
I died with Him - Rom. 6:3
I was buried with Him - Col. 2:12
I resurrected with Him - Eph. 2:5-6
I am seated with and in Him in the heavenly places - Eph. 2:6
His crucifixion is the penalty for my sin - Rom. 4:25
His death is my death to sin and the world - Rom. 6:6
His burial is the end of my sinful nature - Rom. 6:4
His resurrection is my victory over sin, death, the world and Satan - Rom. 6:9-11
His glorification is my reign in the realm of life - Rom. 5:17
He is for me - Rom. 8:31
He is with me - Matt. 28:20
He is in me glorified - Col. 1:27
I am in Him justified - Rom. 3:24
The Bible is the receipt He gave me as the irrefutable proof of payment for my freedom and victory - signed, sealed and delivered! glooooory!